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While all cases are initially heard at the trial court level, a party unsatisfied with a trial court’s decision may appeal the case to a higher court known as an appellate court. The task of an appellate attorney is to persuade appellate courts to overturn a lower court’s decision or to affirm that decision if his or her client won in the trial court. It is important to note that appellate courts do not re-try cases or hear new evidence. Instead, appellate courts review what occurred in the trial court to see if the correct procedures were followed and the proper law was applied. An appeals proceeding differs dramatically from a trial court proceeding. Generally, appeals tend to require a different skill set than standard trial court litigation. A thorough knowledge of the law and superior writing and debating skills are necessary for consistent success at the appellate level. Whether your goal is to reverse an adverse judgment, or protect a favorable one, an experienced appellate attorney has the ability to carefully scrutinize the trial record, identify the viability of appealing, and develop an effective strategy.

Pursuant to the law, you are entitled to an appeal, although it may not always be wise to take one. If the appellate court does not find in your favor, it may be possible to petition the next level appellate court to hear the case. This court may be the highest court within your state or the Supreme Court of the United States, depending on whether your case deals with state law or federal law.

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