Personal Injury Appeals Attorney

New York Personal Injury Appeals Attorney

Fred Profeta represents individuals, businesses, or corporations seeking to appeal or defend judgments concerning personal injury cases alleging a wrong or damage to another's person, rights, reputation, or property resulting from negligence or other wrongful conduct. He works on a variety of personal injury appeals, including:

• Motor vehicle accidents
• Employment injuries (but not workman's compensation)
• Injuries caused by defective premises
• Injury claims against municipalities
• Intentionally inflicted physical or mental injuries
• And more…

For advice concerning your specific personal injury appeal, please contact Mr. Profeta for a consultation. Click here to fill out our consultation request form or call 212-577-6500. Mr. Profeta can provide the legal experience necessary to successfully appeal or defend a lower court decision.

Successful Results

Fred Profeta has won over 2/3 of his cases, including many landmark decisions. Examples of his personal injury work include favorable decisions in the following cases:

• Morgan v. State (Siegel v. City), 90 NY2d 471 (1997)
• Swiderska v. NYU, 10 NY3d 792 (2008)
• Woolfalk v. NYCHA, 263 AD2d 355 (1st Dept. 1999)
• Reed v. City of New York, 304 AD2d 1(1st Dept. 2003)
• D'Amico v. Archdiocese of New York, 95 AD3d 601 (1st Dept. 2012)
• Cosban v. NYCTA, 227 AD2d 160 (1st Dept. 1996)
• Berk v. Schneck, 122 AD2d 823 (2d Dept. 1986)
• Hackworth v. WDW Development, 224 AD2d 265 (1st Dept. 1996)
• Noonan v. City, 32 A.D.2d 91 (1st Dept. 2006)
• Salazar v. City of New York, 302 AD2d 580 (2d Dept. 2003)

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