Medical Malpractice Appeals

New York Medical Malpractice Appeals Attorney

Fred Profeta handles appeals in the medical malpractice area. These appeals relate to an injury or illness caused by the negligence of doctors, other medical personnel, or hospitals; or caused by procedures performed without obtaining the patient's informed consent.

For advice concerning your specific medical malpractice appeal, please contact Mr. Profeta for a consultation. Click here to fill out our consultation request form or call 212-577-6500. Mr. Profeta can provide the legal experience necessary to successfully appeal or defend a lower court decision.

Successful Results:

Fred Profeta has won over 2/3 of his cases, including many landmark decisions. Examples of his medical malpractice work includes the following cases:

• Pollicina v. Misericordia Hospital, 82 NY2d 332 (1993)
• Elphage. NYC Health & Hospitals Corp., 185 AD2d 295 (2nd Dept. 1992)
• Ellinghusen v. Flushing Hospital, 143 AD2d 217 (2nd Dept. 1988)
• Christopher v. St. Vincent's Hospital, 121 AD2d 303 (1st Dept. 1986)
• Felner v. Shapiro, 94 AD2d 317 (1st Dept. 1983)
• Cooper v. Long Island College Hospital, 175 A.D.2d 97  (2nd Dept. 1991)
• Rivera v. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, 70 AD2d 794 (1st Dept. 1979)
• Widman v. Horowitz, 189 AD2d 812 (2d Dept. 1993)

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