Maritime Appeals

New York Maritime Appeals Attorney

Fred Profeta has achieved favorable results for numerous clients in maritime law cases. His vast experience includes successful representation for individuals, businesses and corporations. Mr. Profeta’s maritime law experience includes the following types of appeals:

• Jones Act cases
• Cases involving unseaworthiness of vessels
• Maintenance and cure
• Personal injuries occurring in navigable waters by seaman or passengers
• Contracts and charters regarding vessels, boats, docks, piers, and other maritime installations
• Longshoremen's cases
• And more…

For advice concerning your specific maritime case appeal, please contact Mr Profeta for a consultation. Click here to fill out our consultation request form or call 212-577-6500. Mr. Profeta can provide the legal experience necessary to successfully appeal or defend a lower court decision.

Successful Results:

Fred Profeta has won over 2/3 of his cases, including many landmark decisions. Examples of his maritime work include favorable results in the following cases:

• Cruz v. American Export Lines, 67 NY2d 1 (1986)
• In Re Marine Sulphur Queen (cargo defendants) , 460 F.2d 89 (2d Cir. 1972).
• Bucich v. City of New York, 111 AD2d 646 (1st Dept. 1985)
• Jalimsingh v. World Wide Marketers, 81 AD2d 135 (1st Dept. 1981)
• Georges v. American Export Lines, Inc., 77 AD2d 26 (1st Dept. 1980)
• Busanich v. United States Lines, 74 AD2d 510 (1st Dept. 1980)

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